5 Simple, Standalone DIY Home Security Cameras

Protecting the home, while being away, is the primary concern every house owner has. With the rising case of larceny, it has become important to secure your space with advanced home security system.

10 best action cameras of 2016

Constant innovation of cameras has given birth to motion cameras /action cameras packed with some amazing features. A professional camera does have video features, but an action camera is quite different regarding capturing live action.

Top 3 Best Budget projectors under AED 400

Projector has been the long running portable technology for personal and professional use. For a company, LED projector is an essential asset that helps employees to present their views to a wide audience sitting across.

Yi 4K action camera vs. GoPro Hero 4

When it comes to technology in photography and videography, every year there has been a new advancement in the field. Action camera is on rising, as many tech companies are coming up with advanced action cameras used for capturing visually impactful action.