Yi 4K action camera vs. GoPro Hero 4

When it comes to technology in photography and videography, every year there has been a new advancement in the field. Action camera is on rising, as many tech companies are coming up with advanced action cameras used for capturing visually impactful action. The GoPro has been the popular for a while now, and it makes sense that other companies are catching up. The new Xiaomi Yi 4K is a beefed up action camera of it’s previous version.

It’s evident to have confusion on buying any one among the two best products. If you’re planning to buy the best action camera within your budget, then check out the comparison between Xiomi Yi 4K vs. GoPro Hero 4.

Design: The Xiomi action camera has more appealing design and look compared to GoPro Hero 4. Available in black, white and pink colour, the Yi 4K action camera is slightly larger than GoPro and is heavier. The Yi 4K is 95 g and Hero 4 weighs 88g. Click here to know more.

Features: Both action cameras come with ultra-wide lenses. However, the components are quite different. Xiomi camera uses advanced Chipset Ambarella A9S75 and 12 MP Sony IM X 377 camera modules. When it comes to video recording duration, GoPro Hero 4 can record 4k/30fps for 1 hour 15 minutes. However, the rate can come down to 50 minutes if Wi-Fi activated. Yi 4K Action Camera, on the other hand, can record continuously for 120 minutes. Moreover, it also has a long battery life.

Few more comparison:

Xiomi Yi 4K

WI-Fi: Yes

Digital Image Stabilization: Yes

Video Quality: 4K 30fps; 2.5K 30fps; 1440p 60fps; 1080p 120fps; 720p 200fps

GoPro Hero 4:

Wi-Fi: Yes

Digital Image Stabilization: No

Video Quality: 4k 15fps; 2.7k 30fps; 1440p 48fps; 1080p 60fps; 720p 120fps


Simply judging from the technical specifications, Xiaomi Yi 4K takes the lead. Above all, it is priced at just AED 1099 only which is about AED 200 cheaper that GoPro Hero 4. Click here to Buy Xiaomi Yi 4K.